Skid de Medición Fiscal 2008


CONTROVAL has a solid experience and knowledge in the design and engineering for the automation of processes in different industrial sectors. With an Engineering and Design Department, which has the human resources, tools and required equipment for the development of projects in an efficient, effective and technologically updated ways, to suit the needs of our customers, complying with international standards such as Skid de Medición Fiscal 2004ASTM, ASME, ISO, API, Controval is the right partner for the automation needs of our customers. Further training and after-sales service to the end user is included.

The packet units designed and engineered by CONTROVAL provided fully equipped with instruments and automated includes but not limit the following solutions:

  • LACT units for liquids or gases.
  • Pigs Traps Launcher and Receivers.
  • Chemical injection Skid.
  • Lube-oil Skid.
  • Test Separators.
  • Water treatment skid.
  • Surge relief (water hammer protection) skid.
  • Fuel gas Conditioning gas Skid.
  • Hydraulic Power Units.
  • Sampling skid.
  • Boiler regulation packages